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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2021Evaluating whether the Gig economy is transforming the nature of employment relations. The industrial relations challenges within the digital platform economy in the 21st.Almendros Viladerrams, Francesc
27-Jan-2022Sickness presenteeism in the aftermath of COVID-19: Is presenteeism remote-work behaviour the new (ab)normal?Ferreira, Aristides Isidoro; Mach, Mercè; Martinez, Luis Fructuoso; Miraglia, Mariella
Sep-2015Team Performance in Cross Cultural Project Teams: The Moderated Mediation role of Consensus, Heterogeneity, Faultlines and TrustMach, Mercè; Baruch, Yehuda
Jun-2018The Consultans' Fair: An active-learning pedagogical methodology for large groupsMach, Mercè; Saldaña Gonzalvo, Pilar
2010The differential effect of team members' trust on team performance: The mediation role of team cohesionMach, Mercè; Dolan, Simon L. (Simon Landau), 1947-; Tzafrir, Shay
29-Nov-2021Unlocking the Contradictory Outcomes of Presenteeism through a Temporal Model: Effort Exertion as a MediatorChou, Chuny; Mach, Mercè
Jun-2017When Trust in the Leader Matters: The Moderated-Mediation Model of Team Performance and TrustMach, Mercè; Lvina, Elena
Oct-2018Working conditions revisited: A moderated-mediation model of job context and presenteeismMach, Mercè; Ferreira, Aristides Isidoro; Martinez, Luis Fructuoso; Lisowskaia, Antonina; Dahger, Grace K.; Pérez-Nebra, Amalia R.
Sep-2019Working sick and out of sorts: A cross-cultural approach to presenteeism climate, organizational justice and the work-family conflictFerreira, Aristides Isidoro; Mach, Mercè; Martinez, Luis Fructuoso; Brewster, Christopher John; Dahger, Grace K.; Pérez-Nebra, Amalia R.; Lisowskaia, Antonina