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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A discussion of alternatives for establishing empirical benchmarks for interpreting single-case effect sizesManolov, Rumen; Jamieson, Matthew; Evans, Jonathan J.; Sierra, Vicenta
2013A measure of group dissimilarity for psychological attributesSolanas Pérez, Antonio; Manolov, Rumen; Leiva Ureña, David; Andrés, Amara
1-Jul-2019A simulation study on two analytical techniques for alternating treatments designsManolov, Rumen
2015Actividades de autoaprendizaje autónomo y presencial en Metodología de las Ciencias del ComportamientoManolov, Rumen; Solanas Pérez, Antonio; Leiva Ureña, David; Losada López, José Luis; Peró, Maribel; Guàrdia Olmos, Joan
2018Analytical options for single-case experimental designs: Review and application to brain impairment.Manolov, Rumen; Solanas Pérez, Antonio
Sep-2018Analyzing data from single-case alternating treatments designsManolov, Rumen; Onghena, Patrick
21-Jan-2016Analyzing two-phase single-case data with nonoverlap and mean difference indices: Illustration, software tools, and alternativesManolov, Rumen; Losada López, José Luis; Chacón Moscoso, Salvador; Sanduvete Chaves, Susana
30-Jan-2013Análisi d'un sistema informatitzat d'avaluació continuada en grups d'alta densitat de matrículaGuàrdia Olmos, Joan; Peró, Maribel; Cosculluela Mas, Antonio; Solanas Pérez, Antonio; Leiva Ureña, David; Turbany Oset, Jaume; Losada López, José Luis; Salafranca i Cosialls, Lluís; Carrera Fernández, María Jesús; López-Fernández, Olatz; Manolov, Rumen; Benítez Borrego, S. (Sonia); Selvam, Rejina M.
30-Jan-2013Aprenentatge de l'estadística en salutGuàrdia Olmos, Joan; Solanas Pérez, Antonio; Peró, Maribel; Turbany Oset, Jaume; Cosculluela Mas, Antonio; Salafranca i Cosialls, Lluís; Losada López, José Luis; Leiva Ureña, David; Manolov, Rumen; López-Fernández, Olatz; Benítez Borrego, S. (Sonia); Selvam, Rejina M.
2014Assessing functional relations in single-case designs: Quantitative proposals in the context of the evidence-based movementManolov, Rumen; Sierra, Vicenta; Solanas Pérez, Antonio; Botella, Juan (Botella Ausina)
2013Assigning and combining probabilities in single-case designs: A second studyManolov, Rumen; Solanas Pérez, Antonio
2012Assigning and combining probabilities in single-case studiesManolov, Rumen; Solanas Pérez, Antonio
2018Can an external device create and trigger intention in a patient with a severe brain injury?Zermatten, Victorine; Rochat, Lucien; Manolov, Rumen; Van der Linden, Martial
2020Changing criterion designs: Integrating methodological and data analysis recommendationsManolov, Rumen; Solanas Pérez, Antonio; Sierra, Vicenta
2011Choosing among techniques for quantifying single-case intervention effectivenessManolov, Rumen; Solanas Pérez, Antonio; Sierra, Vicenta; Evans, Jonathan J.
2010Comparing 'visual' effect size indices for single-case designsManolov, Rumen; Solanas Pérez, Antonio; Leiva Ureña, David
2008Comparing N = 1 effect size indices in presence of autocorrelationManolov, Rumen; Solanas Pérez, Antonio
18-Jan-2013A comparison of mean phase difference and generalized least squares for analyzing single-case dataManolov, Rumen; Solanas Pérez, Antonio
8-Jul-2010Data-division-specific robustness and power of randomization tests for ABAB designsManolov, Rumen; Solanas Pérez, Antonio; Bulté, Isis; Onghena, Patrick
2018Efficacy of metacognitive therapy in improving mental health: A meta-analysis of single-case studies.Rochat, Lucien; Manolov, Rumen; Billieux, Jöel