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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2017A systematic review and meta-analysis of psychosocial interventions to reduce drug and sexual blood borne virus risk behaviours among people who inject drugsGilchrist, G.; Swan, D.; Widyaratna, K.; Marquez Arrico, Julia E.; Hughes, E.; Mdege, N.D.; Martyn-St James, M.; Tirado-Muñoz, J.
2018Casos clínics. Assignatura de PsicofarmacologiaAdan Puig, Ana; Prat, Gemma; Marquez Arrico, Julia E.; Soriano Raya, Juan José
14-Nov-2019Coping Strategies in Male Patients under Treatment for Substance Use Disorders and/or Severe Mental Illness: Influence in Clinical Course at One-Year Follow-UpMarquez Arrico, Julia E.; Río Martínez, Laura; Navarro, José Francisco; Prat, Gemma; Forero, Diego A.; Adan Puig, Ana
26-Sep-2020Health-related quality of life in male patients under treatment for substance use disorders with and without major depressive disorder: Influence in clinical course at one-year follow-upMarquez Arrico, Julia E.; Navarro, José Francisco; Adan Puig, Ana
1-Mar-2013Patología Dual y rasgos de personalidad:situación actual y líneas futuras de trabajoMarquez Arrico, Julia E.; Adan Puig, Ana
18-Jul-2017Personality in patients with dual diagnosis: The influence of severe mental illnessMarquez Arrico, Julia E.
11-Jan-2019Personality Profile and Clinical Correlates of Patients With Substance Use Disorder With and Without Comorbid Depression Under TreatmentMarquez Arrico, Julia E.; Río Martínez, Laura; Navarro, José Francisco; Prat, Gemma; Adan Puig, Ana
16-Jun-2020Temperament and character profile and its clinical correlates in male patients with dual schizophreniaRío Martínez, Laura; Marquez Arrico, Julia E.; Prat, Gemma; Adan Puig, Ana