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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jun-2014Apriority and Colour InclusionReining, Stefan
5-Oct-2012Ascriptions in context / An Experimental Study on the Context-sensitivity of Belief ReportsPérez Pérez, Laura Natalia
2015General Terms, Hybrid Theories and Ambiguity: A Discussion of Some Experimental ResultsMartí, Genoveva
21-Sep-2017IntroductionMartí, Genoveva; Martínez Fernández, José, 1969-
13-May-2013La determinación de la referencia de los términos para artefactosOrtega Cano, Laura
5-May-2021La filosofia i els estudis experimentals. Una reflexió crítica.Martí, Genoveva
3-May-2016Legal Disagreements and Theories of ReferenceMartí, Genoveva; Ramírez Ludeña, Lorena
1-Apr-2020Names, descriptions and causal descriptions. Is the magic gone?Martí, Genoveva
Aug-2017Names, predicates, and the object–property distinctionMartí, Genoveva
26-Aug-2019On 'Actually' and 'dthat': truth-conditional differences in possible worlds semanticsMartí, Genoveva; Martínez Fernández, José, 1969-
27-Aug-2020On whales and fish. Two models of interpretationMartí, Genoveva; Ramírez Ludeña, Lorena
11-Sep-2020Realism, reference & perspectiveHoefer, Carl; Martí, Genoveva
Apr-2015Reference without CognitionMartí, Genoveva
26-Apr-2011The Semantics of Implicit ContentZeman, Dan Cristian
Dec-2016The AE-BKH Disputatio of Barcelona 2013-2016Martí, Genoveva; Dierssen, Mara; Pogge, Thomas Winfried Menko
3-Sep-2018Tolerance, flexibility and the application of kind termsMartí, Genoveva; Ramírez Ludeña, Lorena
1-Jan-2019Water has a microstructural essence after allHoefer, Carl; Martí, Genoveva