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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Mindfulness-based interventions in the workplace: An inclusive systematic review and meta-analysis of their impact upon wellbeingLomas, Tim; Medina Alcaraz, Juan Carlos; Ivtzan, Itai; Rupprecht, Silke; Eiroá Orosa, Francisco José
13-Dec-2018One year follow-up of a randomized trial with a dilema-focused intervention for depression: Exploring an alternative to problem-oriented strategiesFeixas i Viaplana, Guillem; Paz, Clara; García Grau, Eugeni; Montesano del Campo, Adrián; Medina Alcaraz, Juan Carlos; Bados López, Arturo; Trujillo, Adriana; Ortiz Garzón, Eliana; Compañ, Victoria; Salla, Marta; Aguilera, Marta; Guasch, Victor; Codina, Jordi; Winter, David A., 1950-
10-Dec-2018The Construction of Happiness in DepressionMedina Alcaraz, Juan Carlos