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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2022A systematic review of family and social relationships: Implications for sex trafficking recruitment and victimizationPuigvert, Lídia; Duque, Elena (Duque Sánchez); Merodio Alonso, Guiomar; Melgar Alcantud, Patrícia
6-Feb-2020'Architects of Their Own Brain.' Social Impact of an Intervention Study for the Prevention of Gender-Based Violence in AdolescenceRacionero, Sandra; Ugalde, Leire; Merodio Alonso, Guiomar; Gutiérrez-Fernández, Nerea
3-Oct-2018Desvelando el fraude amoroso. La influencia de las relaciones afectivo-sexuales violentas en la trata de mujeres con fines de explotación sexualMerodio Alonso, Guiomar
23-Aug-2020How Much Is One Life Worth? The Right to Equity Healthcare for Improving Older Patients' Health Infected by COVID-19Merodio Alonso, Guiomar; Ramis Salas, Maria del Mar; Valero, Diana; Aubert, Adriana
Jan-2021'Petites Bonnes' minors sex trafficked in Morocco and SpainMelgar Alcantud, Patrícia; Merodio Alonso, Guiomar; Duque, Elena (Duque Sánchez); Ramis Salas, Maria del Mar