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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2003Comblike poly(a-alkyl g glutamate)s: computer simulation studies of an intermediate thermal phase.Curcó Cantarell, David; Zanuy Gomara, David; Alemán, Carlos; Muñoz-Guerra, Sebastián; Rudé i Payró, Elisabet
2002Crystallization and properties of poly(ethylene terephtalate) copolymers containing 5-tert-butyl isophtalic unitsKint, Darwin, P. R.; Rudé i Payró, Elisabet; Llorens Llacuna, Joan; Muñoz-Guerra, Sebastián
2005Poly(butylene terephthalate-co-5-tert-butyl isophthalate) Copolyesters: Synthesis, Characterization and PropertiesGómez, Francisco; Quintana, Robert; Martínez de Ilarduya, Antxon; Rudé i Payró, Elisabet; Muñoz-Guerra, Sebastián