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30-Sep-2019Lamprophyre-Carbonatite Magma Mingling and Subsolidus Processes as Key Controls on Critical Element Concentration in Carbonatites-The Bonga Complex (Angola)Amores Casals, Sandra; Melgarejo i Draper, Joan-Carles; Bambi, Aurora; Gonçalves, Antonio Olimpio; Morais, Eduardo; Manuel, Jose; Neto, André Buta; Costanzo, Alessandra; Martí i Molist, Joan, 1957-
24-Sep-2019The distribution of rare metals in the LCT pegmatites from the Giraúl Field, AngolaGonçalves, Antonio Olimpio; Melgarejo i Draper, Joan-Carles; Alfonso Abella, María Pura; Amores Casals, Sandra; Paniagua, Andrés; Neto, André Buta; Alves Morais, Eduardo; Camprubí, Antoni