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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Feb-2019Cereal crop ear counting in field conditions using zenithal RGB imagesFernandez Gallego, José Armando; Buchaillot, María Luisa; Gracia-Romero, Adrian; Vatter, Thomas; Vergara Díaz, Omar; Aparicio Gutiérrez, Nieves; Nieto Taladriz, María Teresa; Kerfal, Samir; Serret Molins, M. Dolors; Araus Ortega, José Luis; Kefauver, Shawn Carlisle
31-Mar-2018Leaf dorsoventrality as a paramount factor determining spectral performance in field-grown wheat under contrasting water regimesVergara Díaz, Omar; Chairi, Fadia; Vicente García, Rubén, 1978-; Fernández Gallego, José A.; Nieto Taladriz, María Teresa; Aparicio, Nieves; Kefauver, Shawn Carlisle; Araus Ortega, José Luis
15-Jan-2019The plant-transpiration response to vapour pressure deficit (VPD) in durum wheat is associated with differential yield performance and specific expression of genes involved in primary metabolism and water transportMedina Canzio, Susan Mery; Vicente García, Rubén, 1978-; Nieto Taladriz, María Teresa; Aparicio Gutiérrez, Nieves; Chairi, Fadia; Vergara Díaz, Omar; Araus Ortega, José Luis
17-Mar-2018Wheat ear counting in-field conditions: high throughput and low-cost approach using RGB imagesFernández Gallego, José A.; Kefauver, Shawn Carlisle; Aparicio Gutiérrez, Nieves; Nieto Taladriz, María Teresa; Araus Ortega, José Luis