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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Oct-2017IP-10 Kinetics in the First Week of Therapy are Strongly Associated with Bacteriological Confirmation of Tuberculosis Diagnosis in HIV-Infected PatientsGarcía-Basteiro, Alberto L.; Mambuque, Edson; Hertog, Alice den; Saavedra, Belén; Cuamba, Inocencia; Oliveras, Laura; Blanco, Silvia; Bulo, Helder; Brew, Joe; Cuevas, Luis E.; Cobelens, Frank; Nhabomba, Augusto J.; Anthony, Richard
3-Aug-2018Promoting physical activity through primary health care: the case of CataloniaGonzalez Viana, Angelina; Violan Fors, Mariona; Castell Abat, Conxa; Rubinat Masot, Maica; Oliveras, Laura; Garcia Gil, Juanjo; Plasència, Antoni; Cabezas Peña, Carmen; PAFES working group
27-Feb-2015Rubella susceptibility in pregnant women and results of a postpartum immunization strategy in Catalonia, SpainVilajeliu, Alba; García-Basteiro, Alberto L.; Valencia, Salomé; Barreales, Saul; Oliveras, Laura; Calvente, Valentín; Goncé Mellgren, Anna; Bayas Rodríguez, José María
Mar-2018Weak surveillance and policy attention to cancer in global health: the example of MozambiqueLorenzoni, Cesaltina; Oliveras, Laura; Vilajeliu, Alba; Carrilho, Carla; Ismail, Mamudo Rafik; Castillo, Paola; Augusto, Orvalho; Sidat, Mohsin; Menéndez, Clara; García-Basteiro, Alberto L.; Ordi i Majà, Jaume