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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jan-2008Autoaprendizaje basado en la investigaciónRiera i Mora, Santiago; Orengo, Héctor A.; Ejarque, Ana
2007Formes d'ocupació d'alta muntanya a la vall de la Vansa (Serra del Cadí - Alt Urgell) i a la vall del Madriu-Perafita-Claror (Andorra): estudi diacrònic de paisatges culturals pirinencsPalet i Martínez, Josep M.; Ejarque Montolio, Ana; Miras, Yannick; Euba Rementeria, Itxaso; Orengo, Héctor A.; Riera i Mora, Santiago
15-Feb-2018Human management and landscape changes at Palaikastro (Eastern Crete) from the Late Neolithic to the Early Minoan periodCañellas Boltà, Núria; Riera i Mora, Santiago; Orengo, Héctor A.; Livarda, Alexandra; Knappett, C.
2012Landscape Systems and Human Land-Use Interactions in Mediterranean Highlands and Littoral Plains during the Late Holocene: Integrated Analysis from the InterAmbAr Project (North-Eastern Catalonia).Palet i Martínez, Josep M.; Julià Brugués, Ramón; Riera i Mora, Santiago; Ejarque, Ana; Orengo, Héctor A.; Miras, Yannick; Garcia, Arnau; Allée, Philippe; Reed, Jane; Marco, Javier; Marquès i Roca, M. Àngels; Furdada i Bellavista, Glòria; Montaner, Jordi
28-Jan-2021Mediterranean polyculture revisited: olive, grape and subsistence strategies at Palaikastro, East Crete, between the Late Neolithic and Late Bronze AgeLivarda, Alexandra; Orengo, Héctor A.; Cañellas Boltà, Núria; Riera i Mora, Santiago; Picornell Gelabert, Llorenç; Tzevelekidi, Vasiliki; Veropoulidou, Rena; Marlasca Martín, Ricard; Krahtopoulou, Athanasia
2015Pitch production during the Roman period: an intensive mountain industry for a globalised economyOrengo, Héctor A.; Palet i Martínez, Josep M.; Ejarque Montolio, Ana; Miras, Yannick; Riera i Mora, Santiago