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13-May-2021Common clonal origin of chronic myelomonocytic leukemia and B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia in a patient with a germline CHEK2 variantBazinet, Alexandre; Heath, John; Chong, Anne-Sophie; Simo-Cheyou, Estelle R.; Worme, Samantha; Rivera, Barbara; Foulkes, William D.; Caplan, Stephen; Johnson, Nathalie A.; Orthwein, Alexandre; Mercier, François E.
25-Aug-2021Current gene panels account for nearly all homologous recombination repair-associated multiple-case breast cancer familiesMatis, Thibaut S.; Zayed, Nadia; Labraki, Bouchra; Ladurantaye, Manon de; Matis, Théophane A.; Camacho Valenzuela, José; Hamel, Nancy; Atayan, Adrienne; Rivera, Barbara; Tabach, Yuval; Tonin, Patricia N.; Orthwein, Alexandre; Mes Masson, Anne-Marie; El Haffaf, Zaki; Foulkes, William D.; Polak, Paz