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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-May-20192D melting and motility induced phase separation in active Brownian hard disks and dumbbellsDigregorio, Pasquale; Levis, Demian; Suma, Antonio; Cugliandolo, L. F.; Gonnella, Giuseppe; Pagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio
Jun-2016A 3D computational model for understanding tuberculosis lesions dynamics in lungsCatalà Sabaté, Martí
2013Accounting for adsorption and desorption in Lattice Boltzmann simulationsLeveque, Maximilien; Duvail, Magali; Rotenberg, Benjamin; Pagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio; Frenkel, Daan, 1948-
3-Jun-2018Active microrheology in corrugated channelsPuertas, Antonio M.; Malgaretti, Paolo; Pagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio
7-Jul-2019Activity induced synchronization: Mutual flocking and chiral self-sortingLevis, Demian; Pagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio; Liebchen, Benno
9-Oct-2018Activity Mediated Interactions in Soft Matter. Structure, Interactions, and Phase TransitionsCodina Sala, Joan
1999Adsorption kinetics in the presence of external fieldsPagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio; Bafaluy Bafaluy, Javier; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel
1995Adsorption of colloidal particles in the presence of external fieldsPagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio; Bafaluy Bafaluy, Javier; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel
1997Algebraic decay of velocity fluctuations in a confined fluidHagen, M. H. J.; Pagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio; Lowe, C. P.; Frenkel, Daan, 1948-
1998Algebraic decay of velocity fluctuations near a wallPagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio; Hagen, M. H. J.; Lowe, C. P.; Frenkel, Daan, 1948-
30-Oct-2019Asymmetric and long range interactions in shaken granular mediaCodina Sala, Joan; Pagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio
Jun-2016Autocatalytic colloid suspensions in the presence of a liquid-liquid interfacePalacios Ruiz, Lucas Santiago
19-Oct-2017Bistability, Oscillations, and Bidirectional Motion of Ensemble of Hydrodynamically Coupled Molecular MotorsMalgaretti, Paolo; Pagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio; Joanny, J. F.
29-Apr-2013Brittle to ductile transition in a fiber bundle with strong heterogeneityKovacs, K.; Cruz Hidalgo, Raúl; Pagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio; Kun, F.
Jun-2016Casimir forces between inclusions in an out of equilibrium fluidCapera Aragonès, Pau
2014Clogging transition of many-particle systems flowing through bottlenecksZuriguel, Iker; Parisi, D.; Hidalgo, R. C.; Lozano, Celia; Janda, Alvaro; Gago, Paula Alejandra; Peralta, J. P.; Ferrer, Luis Miguel; Pugnaloni, Luis Ariel; Clement, Eric; Maza, Diego; Pagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio; Garcimartin, Ángel
16-Dec-2015Clustering and pattern formation in chemorepulsive active colloidsLiebchen, Benno; Marenduzzo, Davide; Pagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio; Cates, Michael E.
3-Apr-2018Co-assembly of Janus nanoparticles in block copolymer systemsDiaz, Javier; Pinna, Marco; Zvelindovsky, A.V.; Pagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio
Jun-2016Collective and emergent dynamics in active systemsSesé Sansa, Elena
17-Jun-2011Colloid Electrophoresis for Strong and Weak Ion DiffusivityGiupponi, Giovanni; Pagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio