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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2016Childhood trauma, BDNF Val66Met and subclinical psychotic experiences. Attempt at replication in two independent samplesCastro Catala, Marta de; van Nierop, Martine; Barrantes Vidal, Neus; Cristóbal Narváez, Paula; Sheinbaum, Tamara; Kwapil, Thomas R.; Peña Lozano, Elionora; Jacobs, Nele; Derom, Catherine; Thiery, Evert; van Os, Jim; van Winkel, Ruud; Rosa de la Cruz, Araceli
Sep-2021Genetic modulation of cognitive and clinical traits on women victims of intimate partner violenceCampoy Caballero, Maria Rosa
13-Nov-2020Genetic variability and telomere length in bariatric surgery outcomes in obese patientsPeña Lozano, Elionora
2018Interaction between FKBP5 Variability and Recent Life Events in the Anxiety Spectrum: Evidence for the Differential Susceptibility Model',Pérez-Pérez, Beatriz; Cristóbal Narváez, Paula; Sheinbaum, Tamara; Kwapil, Thomas R.; Ballespí, Sergi; Peña Lozano, Elionora; Castro Catala, Marta de; Riba, Maria Dolors; Rosa de la Cruz, Araceli; Barrantes Vidal, Neus
7-Jul-2016The Interaction between Childhood Bullying and the FKBP5 Gene on Psychotic-Like Experiences and Stress Reactivity in Real LifeCristóbal Narváez, Paula; Sheinbaum, Tamara; Rosa de la Cruz, Araceli; Ballespí, Sergi; Castro Catala, Marta de; Peña Lozano, Elionora; Kwapil, Thomas R.; Barrantes Vidal, Neus