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26-Jan-2021Implant Removal in the Management of Prosthetic Joint Infection by Staphylococcus aureus: Outcome and Predictors of Failure in a Large Retrospective Multicenter StudyGómez Junyent, Joan; Lora-Tamayo Morillo-Velarde, Jaime; Baraia Etxaburu, Josu; Sánchez Somolinos, Mar; Iribarren, José A.; Rodriguez Pardo, Dolors; Praena Segovia, Julia; Sorlí, Luisa; Bahamonde, Alberto; Riera, Melchor; Rico, Alicia; Toro, Maria Dolores del; Morata, Laura; Cobo Reinoso, Javier; Falgueras, Luis; Benito Hernández, M. Natividad de; Muñez, Elena; Jover Sáenz, Alfredo; Pigrau, Carles; Ariza Cardenal, Javier; Murillo, Oscar; GEIO-SEIMC (Bone and Joint Infection Study Group of the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology); REIPI (Spanish Network for Research in Infectious Diseases)
1-May-2019The different microbial etiology of prosthetic joint infections according to route of acquisition and time after prosthesis implantation, including the role of multidrug-resistant organismsBenito Hernández, M. Natividad de; Mur, Isabel; Ribera Puig, Alba; Soriano Viladomiu, Alex; Rodríguez-Pardo, Dolors; Sorli, Luisa; Cobo Reinoso, Javier; Fernández Sampedro, Marta; Toro, Maria Dolores del; Guio, Laura; Praena Segovia, Julia; Bahamonde, Alberto; Riera, Melchor; Esteban, Jaime; Baraia Etxaburu, Josu; Martínez-Alvarez, Jesús; Jover Sáenz, Alfredo; Dueñas, Carlos; Ramos Martínez, Antonio; Sobrino, Beatriz; Euba, Gorane; Morata, Laura; Pigrau, Carles; Horcajada Gallego, Juan Pablo; Coll, Pere; Crusi, Xavier; Ariza Cardenal, Javier; REIPI (Spanish Network for Research in Infectious Disease) Group for the Study of Prosthetic Joint Infections; SEIMC (Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases)