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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Mar-2020Calorie restriction improves physical performance and modulates the antioxidant and inflammatory responses to acute exerciseCapó, Xavier; Martorell, Miquel; Ferrer, Miguel D.; Sureda, Antoni; Pons, Victoria; Domingo i Pedrol, Joan Carles; Drobnic, F.; Martínez Rodríguez, Alejandro; Leyva-Vela, Belén; Sarabia, José M.; Herranz López, María; Roche, Enrique; Tur, Josep A.; Pons, Antoni
1-Mar-2021Changes in lung diffusing capacity of elite artistic swimmers during trainingGarcía Alday, Iker; Drobnic, Franchek; Pons, Victoria; Viscor Carrasco, Ginés
17-May-2020Lung diffusion in a 14-day swimming altitude training camp at 1850 metersGarcía Alday, Iker; Drobnic, Franchek; Galera, Teresa; Pons, Victoria; Viscor Carrasco, Ginés
19-Feb-2021Severe hypoxic exercise does not impair lung diffusion in elite swimmersGarcía Alday, Iker; Drobnic, Franchek; Javierre Garcés, Casimiro F.; Pons, Victoria; Viscor Carrasco, Ginés