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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-1988Calculation of portal contribution to hepatic blood flow with 99mTc-microcolloids. A noninvasive method to diagnose liver graft rejectionMartín-Comín, Josep; Mora Salvador, Jaume; Figueras Felip, Joan; Puchal Añé, Rafael; Jaurrieta Mas, Eduardo; Badosa i Coll, Ferran; Ramos Márquez, Miguel
1-Mar-1997Evaluation of renographic and metabolic parameters in human Kidney transplantationGonzález Sistal, Ángel; Vigués i Julià, Francesc; Puchal Añé, Rafael; Franco Miranda, Eladio; Bartrons Bach, Ramon; Ambrosio Viale, Santiago
1-Aug-1997MAG3 renogram deconvolution in kidney transplantation: utility of the measurement of initial tracer uptakeBajén Lázaro, Ma. Teresa; Puchal Añé, Rafael; González Sistal, Ángel; Grinyó Boira, Josep M.; Martínez Castelao, Alberto; Mora Salvador, Jaume; Martín-Comín, Josep