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26-Oct-2012Effects of a cocoa diet on an intestinal inflammation model in ratsPérez Berezo, Teresa; Ramírez Santana, Carolina; Franch i Masferrer, Àngels; Ramos Romero, Sara; Castellote i Bargalló, M. Cristina; Pérez-Cano, Francisco J.; Castell, Margarida
11-Apr-2011Gene expression profiles in rat mesenteric lymph nodes upon supplementation with Conjugated Linoleic Acid during gestation and sucklingSelga i Coma, Elisabet; Pérez-Cano, Francisco J.; Franch i Masferrer, Àngels; Ramírez Santana, Carolina; Rivero, Montserrat; Ciudad i Gómez, Carlos Julián; Castellote i Bargalló, M. Cristina; Noé Mata, Verónica
2012Immunomodulation by conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in early lifePérez-Cano, Francisco J.; Ramírez Santana, Carolina; Castell, Margarida; Castellote i Bargalló, M. Cristina; Franch i Masferrer, Àngels