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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Nov-2017Association of a variant in the gene encoding for ERV1/ChemR23 with reduced inflammation in visceral adipose tissue from morbidly obese individualsLópez-Vicario, Cristina; Rius, Bibiana; Alcaraz-Quiles, José; González Périz, Ana; Martinez Puchol, Ana Isabel; Casulleras, Mireia; Duran Güell, Marta; Ibarzabal, Ainitze; Corcelles Codina, Ricard; Laguna Fernández, Andrés; Bäck, Magnus; Titos Rodríguez, Esther; Clària i Enrich, Joan
13-Aug-2013Coordinate Functional Regulation between Microsomal Prostaglandin E Synthase-1 (mPGES-1) and Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor y (PPARy) in the Conversion of White-to-brown AdipocytesGarcía-Alonso, Verónica; López-Vicario, Cristina; Titos Rodríguez, Esther; Morán-Salvador, Eva; González Périz, Ana; Rius, Bibiana; Párrizas, Marcelina; Werz, Oliver; Arroyo, Vicente; Clària i Enrich, Joan
1-Jan-2019Frontline Science: Specialized proresolving lipid mediators inhibit the priming and activation of the macrophage NLRP3 inflammasomeLopategi, Aritz; Flores Costa, Roger; Rius, Bibiana; López-Vicario, Cristina; Alcaraz-Quiles, José; Titos Rodríguez, Esther; Clària i Enrich, Joan
13-Jan-2015Inhibition of soluble epoxide hydrolase modulates inflammation and autophagy in obese adipose tissue and liver. Role for omega-3 epoxidesLópez-Vicario, Cristina; Alcaraz-Quiles, José; García-Alonso, Verónica; Rius, Bibiana; Hwang, Sung H.; Titos Rodríguez, Esther; Lopategi, Aritz; Hammock, Bruce D.; Arroyo, Vicente; Clària i Enrich, Joan
5-Nov-2011New insights into the role of macrophages in adipose tissue inflammation and fatty liver disease: modulation by endogenous omega-3 fatty acid-derived lipid mediatorsClària i Enrich, Joan; González Périz, Ana; López-Vicario, Cristina; Rius, Bibiana; Titos Rodríguez, Esther
28-Apr-2016Prostaglandin E2 Exerts Multiple Regulatory Actions on Human Obese Adipose Tissue Remodeling, Inflammation, Adaptive Thermogenesis and LipolysisGarcía-Alonso, Verónica; Titos Rodríguez, Esther; Alcaraz-Quiles, José; Rius, Bibiana; Lopategi, Aritz; López-Vicario, Cristina; Jakobsson, Per-Johan; Delgado, Salvadora; Lozano, Juanjo; Clària i Enrich, Joan
20-Aug-2012Resolution of inflammation in obesity-induced liver diseaseRius, Bibiana; López-Vicario, Cristina; González Périz, Ana; Morán-Salvador, Eva; García-Alonso, Verónica; Clària i Enrich, Joan; Titos Rodríguez, Esther
2-Nov-2015Role of bioactive lipid mediators in obese adipose tissue inflammation and endocrine dysfunction.Lopategi, Aritz; López-Vicario, Cristina; Alcaraz-Quiles, José; García-Alonso, Verónica; Rius, Bibiana; Titos Rodríguez, Esther; Clària i Enrich, Joan
Dec-2017The specialized pro-resolving lipid mediator maresin 1 protects hepatocytes from lipotoxic and hypoxia-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress.Rius, Bibiana; Duran Güell, Marta; Flores Costa, Roger; López-Vicario, Cristina; Lopategi, Aritz; Alcaraz-Quiles, José; Casulleras, Mireia; Lozano, Juanjo; Titos Rodríguez, Esther; Clària i Enrich, Joan