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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Current transport and electroluminescence mechanisms in thin SiO2 films containing Si nanocluster-sensitized erbium ions.Jambois, Olivier; Berencén Ramírez, Yonder Antonio; Hijazi, K.; Wojdak, M.; Kenyon, Anthony J.; Gourbilleau, F.; Rizk, Richard; Garrido Fernández, Blas
1-Jun-1998Effects of prior hydrogenation on the structure and properties of thermally nanocrystallized silicon layersAchiq, Abdellatif; Rizk, Richard; Gourbilleau, Fabrice; Madelon, R.; Garrido Fernández, Blas; Pérez Rodríguez, Alejandro; Morante i Lleonart, Joan Ramon
13-Sep-2010Energy transfer mechanism and Auger effect in Er3+ coupled silicon nanoparticle samplesPitanti, Alessandro; Navarro Urrios, Daniel; Prtljaga, Nikola; Daldosso, Nicola; Gourbilleau, F.; Rizk, Richard; Garrido Fernández, Blas; Pavesi, Lorenzo
2006Er-Coupled Si Nanocluster WaveguideDaldosso, Nicola; Navarro Urrios, Daniel; Melchiorri, Mirko; García Favrot, Cristina; Pellegrino, Paolo; Garrido Fernández, Blas; Sada, Cinzia; Battaglin, Giancarlo; Gourbilleau, Fabrice; Rizk, Richard; Pavesi, Lorenzo
2007Excitable Er fraction and quenching phenomena in Er-doped SiO2 layers containing Si nanoclustersGarrido Fernández, Blas; García Favrot, Cristina; Seo, S.-Y.; Pellegrino, Paolo; Navarro Urrios, Daniel; Daldosso, Nicola; Pavesi, Lorenzo; Gourbilleau, Fabrice; Rizk, Richard
6-Nov-2009Optically active Er3+ ions in SiO2 codoped with Si nanoclustersNavarro Urrios, Daniel; Lebour, Youcef; Jambois, Olivier; Garrido Fernández, Blas; Pitanti, Alessandro; Daldosso, Nicola; Pavesi, Lorenzo; Cardin, J.; Hijazi, K.; Khomenkova, L.; Gourbilleau, F.; Rizk, Richard
8-Jul-2005Size dependence of refractive index of Si nanoclusters embedded in SiO2Moreno Pastor, José Antonio; Garrido Fernández, Blas; Pellegrino, Paolo; García Favrot, Cristina; Arbiol i Cobos, Jordi; Morante i Lleonart, Joan Ramon; Marie, P.; Gourbilleau, Fabrice; Rizk, Richard
17-Sep-2012Structural factors impacting carrier transport and electroluminescence from Si nanocluster-sensitized Er ions.Cueff, Sébastien; Labbé, Christophe; Jambois, Olivier; Berencén Ramírez, Yonder Antonio; Kenyon, Anthony J.; Garrido Fernández, Blas; Rizk, Richard
20-Jan-2010Towards population inversion of electrically pumped Er ions sensitized by Si nanoclustersJambois, Olivier; Gourbilleau, F.; Kenyon, Anthony J.; Montserrat i Martí, Josep; Rizk, Richard; Garrido Fernández, Blas