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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Cationic distribution and intrinsic magnetic properties of Co-Ti doped M-type barium feriteBatlle Gelabert, Xavier; Obradors, Xavier; Rodríguez Carvajal, Juan; Pernet, Michel; Vallet Regí, María; Cabañas, María Victoria
1992Magnetic dilution in the strongly frustrated kagome antiferromagnet SrGa12-xCrxO19Martínez Benjamin, Joan Josep; Sandiumenge Ortiz, Felip; Rouco Agra, Alberto; Labarta, Amílcar; Rodríguez Carvajal, Juan; Tovar, M.; Causa, M. T.; Galí Medina, Salvador, 1949-; Obradors, Xavier
1994Magnetic ordering and spin reorientations in Nd1.8Sr0.2NiO3.72Medarde, M.; Rodríguez Carvajal, Juan; Martínez Benjamin, Joan Josep; Batlle Gelabert, Xavier; Obradors, Xavier
1991Magnetic transitions in Nd2NiO4Obradors, Xavier; Batlle Gelabert, Xavier; Rodríguez Carvajal, Juan; Martínez, J. L.; Vallet Regí, María; González Calbet, José María; Alonso, J. A. (Julio A.), 1948-
1991Magnetic transitions in Pr2NiO4 single crystalObradors, Xavier; Martínez Perea, Benjamin; Batlle Gelabert, Xavier; Rodríguez Carvajal, Juan; Fernández-Diaz, M. T.; Martínez, J. L.; Odier, P.