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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A potential role for a genetic variation of AKAP5 in human aggression and anger controlRichter, Sylvia; Gorny, Xenia; Marco Pallarés, Josep; Krämer, Ulrike M.; Machts, Judith; Barman, Adriana; Bernstein, Hans-Gert; Schüle, Rebecca; Schöls, Ludger; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni; Reissner, Carsten; Wüstenberg, Torsten; Heinze, Hans-Jochen; Gundelfinger, Eckart D.; Düzel, Emrah; Münte, Thomas F.; Seidenbecher, Constanze I.; Schott, Bjom H.
21-Feb-2018Abnormalities in gray matter volume in patients with borderline personality disorder and their relation to lifetime depression: A VBM studyAguilar Ortiz, Salvatore; Salgado Pineda, Pilar; Marco Pallarés, Josep; Pascual, Juan Carlos; Vega, Daniel; Soler, Joaquim; Brunel, Cristina; Martín-Blanco, Ana; Soto, Angel; Ribas, Joan; Maristany, Teresa; Sarró, Salvador; Salvador, Raymond; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni; Pomarol-Clotet, Edith; McKenna, Peter J.
20-Dec-2009ADHD candidate gene (DRD4 exon III) affects inhibitory control in a healthy sampleKrämer, Ulrike M.; Rojo, Nuria; Schüle, Rebecca; Cunillera, Toni; Schöls, Ludger; Marco Pallarés, Josep; Cucurell, David; Camara Mancha, Estela; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni; Münte, Thomas F.
2010Aprendizaje de palabras nuevas concretas y abstractasMestres Missé, Anna; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni
Jul-2016Attentional effects on rule extraction and consolidation from speech.López-Barroso, Diana; Cucurell, David; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni; Diego Balaguer, Ruth de
6-May-2014Atypical language organization in temporal lobe epilepsy revealed by a passive semantic paradigmMiró, Júlia; Ripollés, Pablo; López-Barroso, Diana; Vilà-Balló, Adrià; Juncadella i Puig, Montserrat; Diego Balaguer, Ruth de; Marco Pallarés, Josep; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni; Falip, Mercè
9-May-2017Auditory target and novelty processing in patients with unilateral hippocampal sclerosis: A current-source density studyVilà-Balló, Adrià; François, Clément; Cucurell, David; Miró, Júlia; Falip, Mercè; Juncadella i Puig, Montserrat; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni
2008Beneficial effects of word final stress in segmenting a new language: evidence from ERPsCunillera, Toni; Gomila, Antoni; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni
2011Brain dynamics sustaining rapid rule extraction from speechDiego Balaguer, Ruth de; Fuentemilla Garriga, Lluís; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni
14-Dec-2016Brain structural predispositions for music and language processingVaquero Zamora, Lucía
2010Contributions to the functional neuroanatomy of morphosyntactic processing in L2Diego Balaguer, Ruth de; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni
16-Sep-2014Converging Medial Frontal Resting State and Diffusion Based Abnormalities in Borderline Personality DisorderSalvador, Raymond; Vega, Daniel; Pascual, Juan Carlos; Marco Pallarés, Josep; Canales Rodríguez, Erick Jorge; Aguilar, Salvatore; Anguera, Maria; Soto, Angel; Ribas, Joan; Soler, Joaquim; Maristany, Teresa; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni; Pomarol-Clotet, Edith
14-Jun-2016Decreased corticospinal excitability after the illusion of missing part of the armKilteni, Konstantina; Grau-Sánchez, Jennifer; Veciana de las Heras, Misericordia; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni; Slater, Mel
2007Different neurophysiological mechanisms underlying word and rule extraction from speechDiego Balaguer, Ruth de; Toro, Juan Manuel; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni; Bachoud-Lévi, Anne-Catherine
1-Jan-2019Electrophysiological correlates of feedback processing in subarachnoid hemorrhage patientsGomez Andres, Alba; Suades, Anna; Cucurell, David; Miquel, Maria Angels de; Juncadella, Montserrat; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni
29-Sep-2017Enhanced Neonatal brain responses to sung streams predict vocabulary outcomes by age 18 monthsFrançois, Clément; Teixidó, Maria; Takerkart, Sylvain; Agut, Thaïs; Bosch Galceran, Laura; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni
2012Feedback-related Brain Potential Activity Complies with Basic Assumptions of Associative Learning TheoryLuque, David; Lopez, Francisco J.; Marco Pallarés, Josep; Camara Mancha, Estela; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni
2006First- and second-language phonological representations in the mental lexiconSebastián Gallés, Núria; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni; Diego Balaguer, Ruth de; Díaz Méndez, María Begoña
16-Jan-2009Functional connectivity of reward processing in the brainCamara Mancha, Estela; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni; Münte, Thomas F.
12-Sep-2017Functional neural changes associated with acquired amusia across different stages of recovery after strokeSihvonen, Aleksi J.; Sarkamo, Teppo; Ripollés, Pablo; Leo, Vera; Saunavaara, Jani; Parkkola, Riitta; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni; Soinila, Seppo