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3-Aug-2016Cafeteria diet induce changes in blood flow that are more related with heat dissipation than energy accretionSabater, David; Agnelli, Silvia; Arriarán, Sofía; Romero, María del Mar; Fernández López, José Antonio; Alemany, Marià, 1946-; Remesar Betlloch, Xavier
30-Sep-2019Corticosteroid-Binding Globulin is expressed in the adrenal gland and its absence impairs corticosterone synthesis and secretion in a sex-dependent mannerGulfo, José; Castel, Ricard; Ledda, Angelo; Romero, María del Mar; Esteve Ràfols, Montserrat; Grasa Martínez, Maria del Mar
29-Nov-2016Quantitative analysis of rat adipose tissue cell recovery, and non-fat cell volume, in primary cell cultures.Rotondo, Floriana; Romero, María del Mar; Ho-Palma, Ana Cecilia; Remesar Betlloch, Xavier; Fernández López, José Antonio; Alemany, Marià, 1946-