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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-1999Aging behavior in Cu-Al-Be shape memory alloySomoza, Alberto; Romero, Ricardo; Mañosa, Lluís; Planes Vila, Antoni
2007Contribution of low-frequency modes to the specific heat of Cu-Zn-Al shape-memory alloysLashley, J. C.; Drymiotis, F. R.; Safarik, D. J.; Smith, J. L.; Romero, Ricardo; Fisher, R. A.; Planes Vila, Antoni; Mañosa, Lluís
1-Aug-2018Cryptic exon splicing function of TARDBP interacts with autophagy in nervous tissueTorres, Pascual; Ramírez Núñez, Omar; Romero, Ricardo; Barés, Gisel; Granado Serrano, Ana Belén; Ayala, Victòria; Boada, Jordi; Fontdevila, Laia; Povedano, Mònica; Sanchís, Daniel; Pamplona, Reinald; Ferrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda); Portero Otin, Manuel
2008Elastocaloric effect associated with the martensitic transition in shape-memory alloysBonnot, Erell; Romero, Ricardo; Mañosa, Lluís; Planes Vila, Antoni; Vives i Santa-Eulàlia, Eduard
2007Hysteresis in a system driven by either generalized force or displacement variables: martensitic phase transition in single-crystalline Cu-Zn-AlBonnot, Erell; Romero, Ricardo; Illa i Tortós, Xavier; Mañosa, Lluís; Planes Vila, Antoni; Vives i Santa-Eulàlia, Eduard
2003Low-temperature entropy in Cu-based shape-memory alloys and its relation to the boson peakStipcich, Marcelo; Marcos, Jordi; Planes Vila, Antoni; Romero, Ricardo