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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2017Assessing the usefulness of clostridia spores for evaluating sewage sludge hygienizationMartín Díaz, Julia; Ruiz Hernando, María; Astals Garcia, Sergi; Lucena Gutiérrez, Francisco
2013Dewaterability of sewage sludge by ultrasonic, thermal and chemical treatmentsRuiz Hernando, María; Martinez-Elorza, Guillermo; Labanda, Jordi; Llorens Llacuna, Joan
15-Sep-2014Effect of ultrasound, low-temperature thermal and alkali pre-treatments on waste activated sludge rheology, hygienization and methane potentialRuiz Hernando, María; Martín Díaz, Julia; Labanda, Jordi; Mata Álvarez, Joan; Llorens Llacuna, Joan; Lucena Gutiérrez, Francisco; Astals Garcia, Sergi
17-Jun-2015Effect of ultrasound, low-temperature thermal and alkali treatments on physicochemical and biological properties of waste activated sludgeRuiz Hernando, María
2020Guidance for implementation of standard ISO 14001 in a Galvanic CompanyVallespinós Forner, Albert
Jun-2018A proposal for a waste tyre treatment plant and its environmental impact assesmentTortello Branchi, Maximiliano