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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2018Grazing activities in the southern central Pyrenees during the last millenium as deduced from the non-pollen palynomorphs (NPP) record of lake MontcortèsMontoya, Encarnación; Rull, Valentí; Vegas Vilarrúbia, Teresa Elena; Corella, Juan Pablo; Giralt Romeu, Santiago; Valero Garcés, Blas
Dec-2018High-resolution (sub-decadal) pollen analysis of varved sediments from lake Montcortès (South-central pre-Pyrenees): a fine-tuned record of landscape dynamics and human impact during the last 500 years.Trapote, Mari Carmen; Rull, Valentí; Corella, Juan Pablo; Montoya, Encarni; Vegas Vilarrúbia, Teresa Elena; Giralt Romeu, Santiago
23-Jun-2016Undervalued impacts of sea-level rise: vanishing deltasVegas Vilarrúbia, Teresa Elena; Rull, Valentí