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21-Jul-2010Added value of intraoperative real-time imaging in searches for difficult-to-locate sentinel nodes.Vidal i Sicart, Sergi; Paredes Barranco, Pilar; Zanón, Gabriel; Pahisa Fábregas, Jaume; Martinez-Román, Sergio; Caparrós, Xavier; Vilalta, Antoni; Rull Ortuño, Antonio Ramón; Pons Pons, Francisca
21-Nov-2014Exuberant complex metaplastic carcinoma of the breast with sox2 expression: covering the full spectrum of ductal neoplasia of the breastSagasta, Amaia; Saco, Adela; Rodríguez-Carunchio, Leonardo; Rull Ortuño, Antonio Ramón; Ruiz, Ana; Carrió, Ana; Falcón Escobedo, Reynaldo; Fernández Ruiz, Pedro Luis