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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2014Effects of pre-industrial, current and future [CO2] in traditional and modern wheat genotypesAljazairi López, Salvador; Arias, Claudia; Sánchez, Elena; Lino Villanueva, Gladys Liliana; Nogués Mestres, Salvador
25-Jun-2018Photosynthesis, resource acquisition and growth responses of two biomass crops subjected to water stressSánchez, Elena; Lino, Gladys; Arias, Claudia; Serrat, Xavier; Nogués Mestres, Salvador
Dec-2015Salinity and Water Stress Effects on Biomass Production in Different Arundo donax L. ClonesSánchez, Elena; Scordia, D.; Lino Villanueva, Gladys Liliana; Arias, Claudia; Cosentino S.; Nogués Mestres, Salvador
15-Aug-2014Two distinct plant respiratory physiotypes might exist which correspond to fast-growing and slow-growing speciesNogués Mestres, Salvador; Aljazairi López, Salvador; Arias, Claudia; Sánchez, Elena; Aranjuelo Michelena, Iker