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7-May-2014CX3CR1 is a modifying gene of survival and progression in Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisLopez-Lopez, Alan; Gamez, Josep; Syriani, Emilio; Morales, Miguel; Salvado, Maria; Rodríguez Allué, Manuel José; Mahy Gehenne, Josette Nicole; Vidal Taboada, José Manuel
16-Mar-2017Influence of early neurological complications on clinical outcome following lung transplantGamez, Josep; Salvado, Maria; Martinez de La Ossa, Alejandro; Romero, Laura; Roman, Antonio; Sacanell, Judith; Laborda, Cesar; Rochera, Isabel; Nadal, Miriam; Carmona Pontaque, Francesc; Santamarina, Estevo; Raguer, Nuria; Canela, Merce; Solé, Joan; Deu, Maria
Oct-2018KATP channel expression and genetic polymorphisms associated with progression and survival in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.Vidal Taboada, José Manuel; Pugliese, Marco; Salvado, Maria; Gamez, Josep; Mahy Gehenne, Josette Nicole; Rodríguez Allué, Manuel José