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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2010Efficacy and safety of ritonavir dose reduction based on the tipranavir inhibitory quotient in HIV-infected patients on salvage antiretroviral therapy with tipranavir/ritonavirMoltó, José; Valle, Marta; Santos, José Ramón; Miranda, Cristina; Cedeño, Samandhy; Negredo, Eugènia; Yritia, Mercedes; Videla, Sebas; Clotet i Sala, Bonaventura
2-Nov-2014Randomized, crossover, double‐blind, placebo‐controlled trial to assess the lipid lowering effect of co‐formulated TDF/FTCSantos, José Ramón; Saumoy, Maria; Curran, Adrian; Bravo, Isabel; Navarro, Jordi; Estany, Carla; Podzamczer Palter, Daniel; Ribera, Esteban; Negredo, Eugènia; Clotet i Sala, Bonaventura; Paredes, Roger
1-Jul-2011Short communication: high effectiveness of etravirine in routine clinical practice in treatment-experienced HIV type 1-infected patientsSantos, José Ramón; Llibre, Josep María; Domingo, Pere (Domingo Pedrol); Imaz, Arkaitz; Ferrer, Elena; Podzamczer Palter, Daniel; Bravo, Isabel; Ribera, Esteban; Videla, Sebas; Clotet i Sala, Bonaventura