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2017Analysis and spatial behaviour of the temporal fractality of precipitation in mainland Spain and the Balearic islands (1997-2010)Meseguer Ruiz, Óliver; Martín Vide, Javier; Olcina, Jorge; Sarricolea, Pablo
2017Análisis y comportamiento espacial de la fractalidad temporal de la precipitación en la España peninsular y Baleares (1997-2010)Meseguer Ruiz, Óliver; Martín Vide, Javier; Olcina Cantos, Jorge; Sarricolea, Pablo
27-Dec-2017Spatio-temporal Variability of daily precipitation concentration in Spain based on a high-resolution gridded data setSerrano Notivoli, Roberto; Martín Vide, Javier; Saz, Miguel Ángel; Longares, Luis Alberto; Beguería, Santiago; Sarricolea, Pablo; Meseguer Ruiz, Óliver; Luís, Martín de