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7-Sep-2019Burden of disease attributable to second-hand smoke exposure: a systematic reviewCarreras, Giulia; Lugo, Alessandra; Gallus, Silvano; Cortini, Barbara; Fernández Muñoz, Esteve; López, María José; Soriano, Joan B.; López Nicolás, Ángel; Semple, Sean; Gorini, Giuseppe; TackSHS Project Investigators
2-Mar-2020Exposure to secondhand aerosol of electronic cigarettes in indoor settings in 12 European countries: data from the TackSHS surveyAmalia, Beladenta; Liu, Xiaoqiu; Lugo, Alessandra; Fu Balboa, Marcela; Odone, Anna; van den Brandt, Piet A; Semple, Sean; Clancy, Luke; Soriano, Joan B.; Fernández Muñoz, Esteve; Gallus, Silvano