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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Nov-2018Aromaticity determines the relative stability of kinked vs. straight topologies in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsPoater i Teixidor, Jordi; Duran, Miquel; Solà, Miquel
5-Jun-2016Complexes of adamantane-based group 13 Lewis acids and superacids: Bonding analysis and thermodynamics of hydrogen splittingEl Hamdi, Majid; Solà, Miquel; Poater i Teixidor, Jordi; Timoshkin, Alexey Y.
4-Aug-2016Exploring the validity of the Glidewell-Lloyd extension of Clar's pi-sextet rule: assessment from polycyclic conjugated hydrocarbonsEl Bakouri, Ouissam; Poater i Teixidor, Jordi; Feixas, Ferran; Solà, Miquel
23-May-2016Huckel's rule of aromaticity categorizes aromatic closo boron hydride clustersPoater i Teixidor, Jordi; Solà, Miquel; Viñas, Clara; Teixidor, Francesc
31-Aug-2016Planar vs. three-dimensional X-6(2-), X2Y42-, and X3Y32- (X, Y = B, Al, Ga) metal clusters: an analysis of their relative energies through the turn-upside-down approachEl Bakouri, Ouissam; Solà, Miquel; Poater i Teixidor, Jordi
7-Feb-2017Testing the effectiveness of the isoelectronic substitution principle through the transformation of aromatic osmathiophene derivatives into their inorganic analoguesVásquez Espinal, Alejandro; Poater i Teixidor, Jordi; Solà, Miquel; Tiznado, Willian; Islas, Rafael