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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Cost-Effectiveness of the EdAl (Educacio en Alimentacio) Program: A Primary School-Based Study to Prevent Childhood ObesityConesa, Marta; Llauradó, Elisabet; Aceves Martins, Magaly; Moriña, David; Solà Morales, Oriol de; Giralt, Montse; Tarro, Lucia; Solà, Rosa
5-Jan-2018Follow-up of a healthy lifestyle education program (the EdAl study): four years after cessation of randomized controlled trial interventionLlauradó, Elisabet; Tarro, Lucia; Moriña, David; Aceves Martins, Magaly; Giralt, Montse; Solà, Rosa
25-Jan-2019Impact of a youth-led social marketing intervention run by adolescents to encourage healthy lifestyles among younger school peers (EYTO-Kids project): a parallel-cluster randomised controlled pilot studyTarro, Lucia; Llauradó, Elisabet; Aceves Martins, Magaly; Moriña, David; Papell Garcia, Ignasi; Arola Fernández, Lluís; Giralt, Montse; Solà, Rosa
30-Sep-2022Impact of Phenol-Enriched Olive Oils on Serum Metabonome and Its Relationship with Cardiometabolic Parameters: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Cross-Over, Controlled TrialFarràs, Marta; Swann, Jonathan Richard; Rowland, Ian; Rubió, Laura; Subirana Cachinero, Isaac; Catalán, Úrsula; Motilva, Maria José; Solà, Rosa; Covas, Maria Isabel; Blanco Vaca, Francisco; Fitó, Montserrat; Mayneris Perxachs, Jordi
1-Apr-2016Influence of Phenol-Enriched Olive Oils on Human Intestinal Immune FunctionMartín-Peláez, Sandra; Castañer, Olga; Solà, Rosa; Motilva, María José; Castell, Margarida; Pérez-Cano, Francisco J.; Fitó Colomer, Montserrat
22-Mar-2019Potential Use of Mobile Phone Applications for Self-Monitoring and Increasing Daily Fruit and Vegetable Consumption: A Systematized ReviewMandracchia, Floriana; Llauradó, Elisabet; Tarro, Lucia; Del Bas, Josep Maria; Valls, Rosa Maria; Pedret, Anna; Radeva, Petia; Arola Fernández, Lluís; Solà, Rosa; Boqué, Noemi