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Sep-2012SEM evidence for existence of an apical disc on the scolex of Clestobothrium crassiceps (Rudolphi, 1819): comparative results of various fixation techniquesMiquel Colomé, Jordi; Swiderski, Zdzislaw; Marigo, Adji Mama; Delgado Sureda, Eulàlia; Torres Martínez, Jordi
29-Aug-2013Spermatological characteristics of Pleurogenidae (Digenea) inferred from the ultrastructural study of Pleurogenes claviger, Pleurogenoides medians and Prosotocus confususMiquel Colomé, Jordi; Vilavella, Daniel; Swiderski, Zdzislaw; Shimalov, Vladimir V.; Torres Martínez, Jordi
Sep-2012Ultrastructure of vitellogenesis and vitellocytes in the trypanorhynch cestode Aporhynchus menezesi, a parasite of the velvet belly lanternshark Etmopterus spinaxSwiderski, Zdzislaw; Miquel Colomé, Jordi; Marigo, Adji Mama; Gibson, David I.