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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2020Dominantly inherited hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer not caused by MMR genesTerradas, Mariona; Capellá, G. (Gabriel); Valle, Laura
27-Jan-2019Identification of reference genes for RT-qPCR data normalisation in aging studiesGonzález Bermúdez, Lourdes; Anglada, Teresa; Genescà, Anna; Martín, Marta; Terradas, Mariona
21-Jun-2019NTHL1 biallelic mutations seldom cause colorectal cancer, serrated polyposis or a multi-tumor phenotype, in absence of colorectal adenomasBelhadj, Sami; Quintana, Isabel; Mur, Pilar; Munoz-Torres, Pau M.; Alonso Aguado, Maria Henar; Navarro, Matilde; Terradas, Mariona; Pinol, Virginia; Brunet, Joan; Moreno Aguado, Víctor; Lázaro García, Conxi; Capellá, G. (Gabriel); Valle Velasco, Laura
29-Jan-2022Potential Involvement of NSD1, KRT24 and ACACA in the Genetic Predisposition to Colorectal CancerQuintana, Isabel; Mur, Pilar; Terradas, Mariona; García Mulero, Sandra; Aiza, Gemma; Navarro García, Matilde; Piñol, Virginia; Brunet, Joan; Moreno Aguado, Víctor; Sanz Pamplona, Rebeca; Capellá, G. (Gabriel); Valle, Laura
23-Mar-2021The Inherited and Familial Component of Early-Onset Colorectal CancerDaca Alvarez, Maria; Quintana, Isabel; Terradas, Mariona; Mur, Pilar; Balaguer Prunés, Francesc; Valle, Laura