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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Feb-2009A 10 year study of the cause of death in children under 15 years in Manhica, MozambiqueSacarlal, Jahit; Nhacolo, Ariel Q.; Sigaúque, Betuel; Nhalungo, Delino A.; Abacassamo, Fatima; Sacoor, Charfudin; Aide, Pedro Carlos Paulino; Machevo, Sonia; Nhampossa, Tacilta; Macete, Eusebio Víctor; Bassat Orellana, Quique; David, Catarina; Bardají, Azucena; Letang, Emilio; Saúte, Francisco; Aponte, John J.; Thompson, Ricardo; Alonso, Pedro
30-Nov-2006Levels and trends of demographic indices in southern rural Mozambique: evidence from demographic surveillance in Manhica districtNhacolo, Ariel Q.; Nhalungo, Delino A.; Sacoor, Charfudin; Aponte, John J.; Thompson, Ricardo; Alonso, Pedro
2006RTS,S/AS02A malaria vaccine does not induce parasite CSP T cell epitope selection and reduces multiplicity of infectionEnosse, Sonia; Dobaño, Carlota, 1969-; Quelhas, Diana; Aponte, John J.; Lievens, Marc; Leach, Amanda; Sacarlal, Jahit; Greenwood, Brian; Milman, Jessica; Dubovsky, Filip; Cohen, Joe; Thompson, Ricardo; Ballou, W. Ripley; Alonso, Pedro; Conway, David J.; Sutherland, Colin J.