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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jun-2018A comparison of two modalities of extensive reading with young learners of EnglishGutiérrez Metelli, Sharon
2018An exploratory case-study into tensions between classroom practices and EFL teachers’, learners’ and coursebook writers’ beliefs on grammar instructionFlaherty, Tom
29-Jan-2016An ideal L2 self intervention: implications for self-concept, motivation annd engagement with the target languageMackay, Jessica
Jul-2011Comparing individual differences in successful and less successful language learners: A case study of four Asian students in CataloniaGuardiola Egea, Elena
2014Cómo se enseña inglés en un grupo de institutos donde se obtienen resultados destacables en la prueba de lengua inglesa en las PAUTragant Mestres, Elsa; Miralpeix Pujol, Immaculada; Serrano Serrano, Raquel; Navés, Teresa; Gilabert Guerrero, Roger; Pahissa, Isabel; Serra, Neus
1999Les creences populars en torn de l'aprenentatge d'una llengua (anglès) abans dels vuit anysTorras i Cherta, Maria Rosa; Tragant Mestres, Elsa; García Bermejo, Luisa
1999Les creences populars entorn a l'aprenentatge d'una llengua estrangera (Anglès) abans dels vuit anysTorras i Cherta, Maria Rosa; Tragant Mestres, Elsa; García Bermejo, Luisa
27-Nov-2014Crosslinguistic influence in the acquisition of Greek as a foreign language by Spanish/Catalan L1 learners: The role of proficiency and stays abroadAndria, Maria
2007En torno a los efectos de la edad en el aprendizaje escolar de una lengua extrangeraMuñoz Lahoz, Carme; Pérez Vidal, Carmen; Celaya Villanueva, Ma. Luz (María Luz), 1962-; Navés, Teresa; Torres, Ma. Rosa; Tragant Mestres, Elsa; Victori, Mia
20-Nov-2015English language learning in CLIL and EFL classroom settings: a look at two primary education schoolsMarsol Jornet, Anna
15-Jan-2019Evaluative Language of Japanese-English Bilingual Women on FacebookRuiz Tada, Marina
18-Jun-2018Extensive Reading With Children: A Small-Scale StudyLópez Vela, Ana
Jul-2011Follow up study on students’ perceptions towards foreign language learning by young learners across EuropeSevillano, Adriana
2010The impact of study abroad in degree of foreign accent in the L2Ming, Dani
28-Jan-2011Language learning motivation: the palestinian context. Attitudes, motivation, and orientationsMusleh, Rana Yaser
15-Jun-2018Language Teaching: Task-supported Textbook RedesignRodríguez Sànchez, Júlia
1-Sep-2017Learning English during the summer: A comparison of two domestic programs for pre-adoslescentsTragant Mestres, Elsa; Serrano Serrano, Raquel; Llanes Baró, Àngels
18-Jun-2018Questioning the Sapir-Whorf HypothesisPérez Montes, Carlos
16-Jun-2018A semantic and syntactic analysis of the quantifier "all" as a determiner and a predeterminer in EnglishBarrios Jurado, Núria
2010Six high schools with outstanding results in the PAU: The views of the English teachers and their studentsTragant Mestres, Elsa; Serrano Serrano, Raquel; Miralpeix Pujol, Immaculada; Navés, Teresa; Pahissa, Isabel; Serra, Neus; Gilabert Guerrero, Roger