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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-May-2017Activation of stylolites as conduits for overpressured fluid flow in dolomitized platform carbonatesMartín, Juan Diego (Martín Martín); Gómez Rivas, Enrique; Gómez-Gras, David; Travé i Herrero, Anna; Ameneiro, Rosamary; Koehn, Daniel; Bons, Paul D.
2020Appraisal of CO2 storage potential in compressional basins: global assessment and case study in the Sichuan Basin (China)Sun, Xiaolong; Alcalde Martín, Juan; Gómez Rivas, Enrique; Struth, L.; Johnson, G.; Travé i Herrero, Anna
2016Barcelona Rocks, A mobile App to learn Geology in your city.Geyer Traver, Adelina; Cabrera, Lluís; Alías López, Gemma; Aulinas Juncà, Meritxell; Becerra, M.; Casadellà, Jordi; Clotet, R.; Delclòs Martínez, Xavier; Fernández Turiel, José Luis; Tarragó, M.; Travé i Herrero, Anna
2018Basin tectonic history and paleo-physiography of the pelagian platform, northern Tunisia, using vitrinite reflectance dataCavailhes, T.; Rotevath, A.; Monstad, S.; Ben Khala, A.; Funk, E.; Canner, K.; Looser, M.; Chalabi, A.; Gay, A.; Travé i Herrero, Anna; Ferhi, F.; Skanji, A.; Chebbi, R.M.; Bang, N.
2016BCN Rocks: aprendiendo geología urbana a través de una aplicación App interactiva.Aulinas Juncà, Meritxell; Cabrera, Lluís; Alías López, Gemma; Becerra, M.; Casadellà, Jordi; Clotet, R.; Delclòs Martínez, Xavier; Fernández Turiel, José Luis; Geyer Traver, Adelina; Tarragó, M.; Travé i Herrero, Anna
7-Nov-2017Changes in fluid regime in syn-orogenic sediments during the growth of the south Pyrenean fold and thrust beltCruset Segura, David; Cantero, Irene; Vergés i Masip, Jaume; John, Cédric M.; Muñoz-López, Daniel; Travé i Herrero, Anna
Nov-2016Crestal graben fluid evolution during growth of the Puig-reig anticline (South Pyrenean fold and thrust belt)Cruset Segura, David; Cantarero Abad, Irene; Travé i Herrero, Anna; Vergés i Masip, Jaume; John, Cédric M.
2018Deciphering the complex evolution of a polyphase fault/fracture network and its control on fluid circulation and ore deposition through macro- to micro-scale observationsGrare, Alexis; Benedicto Esteban, Antonio; Lacombe, Olivier; Travé i Herrero, Anna; Mercadier, Julien; Ledru, Patrick; Robbins, John; Blain, M.
21-Mar-2013Deformation-fluid multiphase interaction within the fractures of the Barcelona Plain and the Vallès Basin: influence on fault rocks and diagenesis / Interacció multifàsica entre deformació i fluids a les fractures del Pla de Barcelona i de la Conca del Vallès: influència en les roques de falla i en la diagènesiCantarero Abad, Irene
1-Feb-2014Development of successive karstic systems within the Baix Pened es Fault zone (onshore of the Valencia Trough, NW Mediterranean)Baqués Almirall, Vinyet; Travé i Herrero, Anna; Cantarero, Irene
4-Dec-2012Diagenesis and fluid-fracture evolution in an intracontinental basin: The Penedès half-graben,western Mediterranean / Diagènesi i evolució de la relació fluid-fractura en una conca intracontinental: la conca del Penedès, oest de la MediterràniaBaqués Almirall, Vinyet
1-Aug-2010Diagenesis of the Amposta offshore oil reservoir (Amposta Marino C2 well, Lower Cretaceous, Valencia Trough, Spain)Playà i Pous, Elisabet; Travé i Herrero, Anna; Caja, M.A.; Salas, Ramon (Salas Roig); Martín, Juan Diego (Martín Martín)
1-May-2013Diagenetic evolution of a fractured evaporite deposit (Vilobí Gypsum Unit, Miocene, NE Spain)Moragas Rodriguez, Mar; Martinez, Carlos; Baqués Almirall, Vinyet; Playà i Pous, Elisabet; Travé i Herrero, Anna; Alías López, Gemma; Cantarero, Irene
25-Jun-2019Diagenetic evolution of lower Jurassic platform carbonates flanking the Tazoult salt wall (Central High Atlas, Morocco)Moragas Rodriguez, Mar; Baqués Almirall, Vinyet; Travé i Herrero, Anna; Martín, Juan Diego (Martín Martín); Saura, Eduard; Messager, Grégoire; Hunt, D.W.; Vergés i Masip, Jaume
2013Diagenetic processes in a partially dolomitized carbonate reservoir: Casablanca oil field, Valencia Trough, offshore Spain.Rodríguez-Morillas, N.; Playà i Pous, Elisabet; Travé i Herrero, Anna; Martín, Juan Diego (Martín Martín); Guerrero, A.
12-Jun-2016Evolución de la deformación y los fluidos durante el tránsito dúctil-frágil del basamento cristalino Paleozoico de la Cadena Litoral Catalana.Cantarero Abad, Irene; Alías López, Gemma; Travé i Herrero, Anna
27-Jul-2018Fault Zone Evolution and Development of a Structural and Hydrological Barrier: The Quartz Breccia in the Kiggavik Area (Nunavut, Canada) and Its Control on Uranium MineralizationGrare, Alexis; Lacombe, Olivier; Mercadier, Julien; Benedicto Esteban, Antonio; Guilcher, Marie; Travé i Herrero, Anna; Ledru, Patrick; Robbins, John
Aug-2015Fault-controlled and stratabound Dolostones in the Late Aptian-earliest Albian Benassal Formation (Maestrat Basin, E Spain): petrology and geochemistry constrainsMartín, Juan Diego (Martín Martín); Travé i Herrero, Anna; Gómez Rivas, Enrique; Salas, Ramon (Salas Roig); Sizun, Jean Pierre; Vergés i Masip, Jaume; Corbella i Cordomí, Mercè; Stafford, S.L.; Alfonso Abella, María Pura
2020Fault-controlled dolostone geometries in a transgressive-regressive sequence stratigraphic frameworkYao, S.; Gómez Rivas, Enrique; Martín, Juan Diego (Martín Martín); Gómez-Gras, David; Travé i Herrero, Anna; Griera, A.; Howell, J.
16-Mar-2018Fluid composition changes in crystalline basement rocks from ductile to brittle regimesCantarero Abad, Irene; Alías López, Gemma; Cruset Segura, David; Carola, E; Lanari, P.; Travé i Herrero, Anna