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23-Mar-2017Cigarette smoke challenges bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell capacities in guinea pigTura-Ceide, Olga; Lobo, Borja; Paul, Tanja; Puig-Pey, Raquel; Coll-Bonfill, Núria; García-Lucio, Jéssica; Smolders, Valérie; Blanco, Isabel; Barberà i Mir, Joan Albert; Peinado Cabré, Víctor Ivo
29-Aug-2014Circulating progenitor cells and vascular dysfunction in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.Pizarro, Sandra; García-Lucio, Jéssica; Peinado, Víctor Ivo; Tura-Ceide, Olga; Díez, Marta; Blanco Vich, Isabel; Sitges Carreño, Marta; Petriz, Jordi; Torralba, Yolanda; Marín, Pedro; Roca Torrent, Josep; Barberà i Mir, Joan Albert
21-Jul-2016Slug is increased in vascular remodeling and induces a smooth muscle cell proliferative phenotypeColl-Bonfill, Núria; Peinado, Víctor Ivo; Pisano, Maria V.; Párrizas, Marcelina; Blanco Vich, Isabel; Evers, Maurits; Engelmann, Julia C.; García-Lucio, Jéssica; Tura-Ceide, Olga; Meister, Gunter; Barberà i Mir, Joan Albert; Musri, Melina Mara
5-Jan-2018Soluble guanylate cyclase stimulation reduces oxidative stress in experimental Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseasePaul, Tanja; Salazar-Degracia, Anna; Peinado, Víctor Ivo; Tura-Ceide, Olga; Blanco Vich, Isabel; Barreiro, Esther; Barberà i Mir, Joan Albert
15-Mar-2015Transdifferentiation of endothelial cells to smooth muscle cells play an important role in vascular remodellingColl-Bonfill, Núria; Musri, Melina Mara; Peinado, Víctor Ivo; Barberà i Mir, Joan Albert; Tura-Ceide, Olga