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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2020Characterizing electricity market integration in Nord PoolUribe Gil, Jorge Mario; Mosquera-López, Stephania; Guillén, Montserrat
2021Commonality, macroeconomic factors and banking profitabilityJoaqui-Barandica, Orlando; Manotas-Duque, Diego F.; Uribe Gil, Jorge Mario
Dec-2018Currency downside risk, liquidity, and financial stabilityChuliá Soler, Helena; Fernández Mejía, Julián; Uribe Gil, Jorge Mario
14-Sep-2020Essays on Liquidity in Financial MarketsKoser, Christoph
23-Feb-2018Essays on Risk and Uncertainty in Economics and FinanceUribe Gil, Jorge Mario
2019Expected, Unexpected, Good and Bad UncertaintyChuliá Soler, Helena; Uribe Gil, Jorge Mario
2021Financial and Macroeconomic Uncertainties and Real Estate MarketsGómez-González, José E.; Hirs-Garzon, Jorge; Sanin-Restrepo, Sebastian; Uribe Gil, Jorge Mario
2-Dec-2020Generalized Market Uncertainty Measurement in European Stock Markets in Real TimeUribe Gil, Jorge Mario; Guillén, Montserrat
2020Global effects of US uncertainty: real and financial shocks on real and financial marketsGómez-González, José E.; Hirs-Garzon, Jorge; Uribe Gil, Jorge Mario
May-2017Impact of US Uncertainties on Emerging and Mature Markets: Evidence from a Quantile-Vector Autoregressive ApproachChuliá Soler, Helena; Gupta, Rangan; Uribe Gil, Jorge Mario; Wohar, Mark E.
2021Interdependent Capital Structure Choices and the MacroeconomyUribe Gil, Jorge Mario; Gómez-González, José E.; Hirs-Garzon, Jorge
Mar-2017Measuring uncertainty in the stock marketChuliá Soler, Helena; Guillén, Montserrat; Uribe Gil, Jorge Mario
2015Measuring Uncertainty in the Stock Market [WP]Chuliá Soler, Helena; Guillén, Montserrat; Uribe Gil, Jorge Mario
2016Modeling longevity risk with generalized dynamic factor models and vine-copulaeChuliá Soler, Helena; Guillén, Montserrat; Uribe Gil, Jorge Mario
2015Mortality and longevity risks in the United Kingdom: Dynamic factor models and copula-functionsChuliá Soler, Helena; Guillén, Montserrat; Uribe Gil, Jorge Mario
2021Price Bubbles in Lithium Markets around the WorldUribe Gil, Jorge Mario; Restrepo, Natalia; Guillén, Montserrat
2021Rethinking Asset Pricing with Quantile Factor ModelsUribe Gil, Jorge Mario; Guillén, Montserrat; Vidal-Llana, Xenxo
2018Risk Synchronization in International Stock MarketsChuliá Soler, Helena; Pinchao, Andrés D.; Uribe Gil, Jorge Mario
2018Scaling Down Downside Risk with Inter-Quantile SemivariancesUribe Gil, Jorge Mario
Jun-2017Spillovers from the United States to Latin American and G7 stock markets: A VAR quantile analysisChuliá Soler, Helena; Guillén, Montserrat; Uribe Gil, Jorge Mario