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16-Jun-2017Agroecosystem energy transitions in the old and new worlds: trajectories and determinants at the regional scaleGingrich, Simone; Marco Lafuente, Inés; Aguilera, Eduardo; Padró i Caminal, Roc; Cattaneo, Claudio; Cunfer, Geoff; Guzmán Casado, Gloria I.; MacFayden, Joshua; Watson, Andrew
Oct-2019Comparative Energy-Landscape Integrated Analysis (ELIA) of past and present agroecosystems in North America and Europe from the 1830s to the 2010sMarull, Joan; Cattaneo, Claudio; Gingrich, Simone; González de Molina, Manuel; Guzmán Casado, Gloria I.; Watson, Andrew; MacFayden, Joshua; Pons Sanvidal, Manel; Tello, Enric