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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015How robust are trends in the Brewer-Dobson circulation derived from observed stratospheric temperatures?Ossó Castillón, Albert; Sola Salvatierra, Yolanda; Rosenlof, Karen; Hassler, Birgit; Bech, Joan; Lorente, Jeroni
30-Jul-2017How Solidarity Influences Political Actors to Manage the Refugee Crisis: The Case of Proactiva Open ArmsÁlvarez Jiménez, Gemma; Padrós, Maria
2013How systemic is Spain for Europe?Claeys, Peter; Vasicek, Borek
2016How the European Court of Justice's judgement on Case 19/15 single-handedly changed the EU's food information policyPlana Casado, María José
10-Aug-2017How the stability of a folded protein depends on interfacial water properties and residue-residue interactionsBianco, Valentino; Pagès Gelabert, Neus; Coluzza, Ivan; Franzese, Giancarlo
2015How time shapes crime: the temporal impacts of football matches on crimeMontolio, Daniel; Planells Struse, Simón
Nov-2016How time shapes crime: the temporal impacts of football matches on crimeMontolio, Daniel; Planells Struse, Simón
Sep-2017How to achieve full electrification: Lessons from Latin AmericaBanal Estañol, Albert; Calzada, Joan; Jordana, Jacint
16-Nov-2017How to calculate number of samples in the design of pre/pro-biotics studies (metagenomic studies)Monleón Getino, Toni; Rodríguez Casado, Clara; Méndez Viera, Javier
18-Jul-2016How to deal with missing longitudinal data in cost of illness analysis in Alzheimer's disease-suggestions from the GERAS observational studyBelger, Mark; Haro Abad, Josep Maria; Reed, Catherine; Happich, Michael; Kahle-Wrobleski, Kristin; Argimón Pallás, José M.; Bruno, Giuseppe; Dodel, Richard; Jones, Roy W.; Vellas, Bruno; Wimo, Anders
2-Apr-2015How to determine accurate chemical ordering in several nanometer large bimetallic crystallites from electronic structure calculationsKozlov, Sergey; Kovács, Gábor; Ferrando, Riccardo; Neyman, Konstantin M.
3-May-2016How to find and interpret genomic variants in Next Generation Sequencing data (Seminaris Tecnològics 2016)Derdak, Sophia
25-Apr-2019How to implement a selective colorimetric gas sensor with off the shelf components?Driau, Christian; Fàbrega, Cristian; Benito Altamirano, I.; Pfeiffer, Peter; Casals Guillén, Olga; Li, Hongqiang; Prades García, Juan Daniel
22-Oct-2015How to improve team effectiveness through group processes: An example in the automotive industryMeneses, Rocío; Navarro Cid, José
1983How to introduce connectance in a frame of an expression for diversityMargalef, Ramon, 1919-2004; Gutiérrez Merino, Emilia
Mar-2017How to quantify and characterize day trippers at the local level. An application to the comarca of the Alt PenedèsSuriñach Caralt, Jordi; Casanovas Pla, Josep Andreu; André, Marién; Murillo Viu, Joaquín; Romaní Fernández, Javier, 1969-
16-Oct-2008How to use Bibliographic Research Database Tools (I): RefWorksNavés, Teresa
21-Jan-2017How useful is the EQ-5D in assessing the impact of caring for people with Alzheimer's disease?Reed, Catherine; Barrett, Annabel; Lebrec, Jeremie; Dodel, Richard; Jones, Roy W.; Vellas, Bruno; Wimo, Anders; Argimón Pallás, José M.; Bruno, Giuseppe; Haro Abad, Josep Maria
May-2014How we draw texts: a review of approaches to text visualization and explorationNualart, Jaume; Pérez-Montoro Gutiérrez, Mario; Whitelan, M.
1-Jan-2009How we experience immersive virtual environments: the concept of presence and its measurementSlater, Mel; Lotto, Beau; Arnold, Maria Marta; Sánchez-Vives, María Victoria