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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jul-2022Understanding the physical origin, topology and strength of noncovalent interactions by means of computational toolsVelasquez Benites, Juan Diego
8-Jul-2022Enolates Go Radical. Stereoselective Radical Alkylation Reactions of Titanium Enolates from N-Acyl Oxazolidinones with Carboxylic Acid Derivatives. Synthesis of UmuravumbolidePérez Palau, Marina
3-Jun-2022Design, synthesis and evaluation of the biological properties of colistin analoguesSolé Solé, Judith
8-Mar-2022Novel antimicrobial peptides for therapeutic applications: design, synthesis, characterization, and evaluation of their biological and biophysical activitySegovia Laserna, Rosario
21-Jan-2022Design, synthesis and study of coordination complexes with spin crossover or single-molecule magnet propertiesDiego Creixenti, Rosa
5-Nov-2021Luminescent gold(I) supramolecular assemblies on materials and biological chemistryPinto Martínez, Andrea
30-Sep-2021Desenvolupament de processos per a la síntesi de pèptids d’interès terapèutic a escala industrialDuran Corbera, Macarena
23-Sep-2021Insights into the myristoylated c-Src N-terminal Regulatory ElementMohammad Jabeen, Irrem Laareb
15-Sep-2021Molecular-based Magnetoresistance Devices at Room TemperatureMartín Rodríguez, Alejandro
16-Sep-2021Drug discovery with a FRET Biosensor of scaffolding interactions in the N-terminal region of c-SrcIruela Martin, Guillermo
20-Jan-2021Mechanistic insights into substrate-assisted catalysis in glycosidases by means of QM/MM molecular dynamicsCoines Lopez-Nieto, Juan
21-Dec-2020The development of new, direct and asymmetric Ni(II) catalysed carbon-carbon bond forming reactions and their application to total synthesisKennington, Stuart C. D.
1-Dec-2020Reacciones directas de la N-azidoacetil-1,3-tiazolidin-2-tiona catalizadas por complejos quirales de níquel(II) para la construcción enantioselectiva de enlaces carbono-carbono. Síntesis de la lacosamida y derivados de la β-hidroxifenilalaninaFlores Teloxa, Saúl
31-Jan-2020New Catalytic Methods for Pauson-Khand Reactions, Isomerization and Asymmetric Hydrogenations. Application to the Synthesis of Bioactive CompoundsCabré Montesinos, Albert
16-Dec-2019Organocatálisis y transferencia de quiralidad mediante porfirinas autoensamblantes solubles en aguaArlegui Chamizo, Aitor
22-Nov-2019Studies on the formation of i-motif structures at neutral pH. Use of cytidine analogues and importance of minor groove tetrads on mini i-motifs stabilizationMir Morro, Bartomeu
4-Oct-2019Síntesi assistida per microones de molècules imant i nanoestructuració en sistemes híbrids amb nanopartícules d’òxid de ferroRosado Piquer, Lidia
29-Oct-2019Bioconjugació de poliols i tiols amb agents antivíricsPetit Roig, Elena
23-Oct-2019Aproximació a la síntesi de la iriomoteolida-2a i avaluació in silico de la interacció amb actina. Intents d’un nou mètode de RCM amb formació de dobles enllaços trisubstituïtsMarco Correas, Cristian
28-Oct-2019Preparation of CBs immobilized on different types of magnetic nanoparticles for application in selective complexation and catalysisLlorens Palomo, Lluís
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 69