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Title: Representations of hindlimb digits in rat dorsal root ganglia
Author: Prats Galino, Alberto
Puigdellívol Sánchez, Anna
Ruano Gil, Domingo
Molander, Carl
Keywords: Nervis perifèrics
Anatomia humana
Visualització tridimensional
Rates (Animals de laboratori)
Peripheral nerves
Human anatomy
Three-dimensional display systems
Rats as laboratory animals
Issue Date: 24-May-1999
Publisher: Wiley
Abstract: The distribution in dorsal root ganglia of neurones that innervate the distal tips of the hindlimb digits in the rat were mapped after subcutaneous injections of the fluorescent tracers Fast Blue, Diamidino Yellow, and Fluoro-Gold into different digits. Three-dimensional reconstruction was used to describe the intraganglionic distribution of neurones labelled from different digits. Labelled neurones were found mainly in the L3-L5 ganglia. The distribution in ganglia and the number of neurones labelled from each digit varied considerably between cases, but mean numbers of labelled neurones were similar for the different digits. Neurones in L3 tended to innervate medial digits and neurones in L5 tended to innervate lateral digits, but most neurones from any digit were found in L4. Although overlap was considerable, the three-dimensional reconstruction showed tendencies of neurones to be distributed in restricted territories within the dorsal root ganglia. This was especially clear in ganglion L5, where digit TV was found to be represented more rostrally than digit V. The results indicate that primary afferent neurones that innervate the hindlimb digits are represented by a crude rostrocaudal somatotopic organisation both among and within lumbar dorsal root ganglia
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It is part of: Journal of Comparative Neurology, 1999, vol. 408, num. 1, p. 137-145
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ISSN: 0021-9967
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