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Title: Organisation, expression and evolution of rRNA genes in plant genomes
Author: Garcia Giménez, Sònia
Cortés, Paula
Fernàndez, Xènia
Garnatje i Roca, Teresa
Kovaík, Aleš
Keywords: Gens
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Research Signpost
Abstract: Here we present an overview on the results of eight years of research line devoted to the organisation, expression and evolution of rRNA genes in plant genomes. We describe how we discovered a new rDNA arrangement in genus Artemisia, which includes all rRNA genes in a single unit (L-type). This was the first time that such organisation was found in seed plants. We further explored family Asteraceae in depth, to which Artemisia belongs, to find that the L-type arrangement may be present in about 25% of its species. Later on we move to gymnosperms to describe the landscape of rRNA arrangements in a representative sample of its diversity. We assess the expression rate of the L-type rRNA in several L-type species, which is comparable to that of species with separated arrangement of rRNA genes (S-type). Finally, we present the resource which includes information on type of rDNA arrangement, number and position of rDNA loci in plants.
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It is part of: Recent Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences VI, 2016, Research Signpost. Editors: Diego Muñoz Torrero, Àngela Domínguez García & Ma. Ángeles Manresa Presas. ISBN: 978-81-308-0566-5. Chapter 4, p. 49-75.
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