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Title: Lichenysin production and application in the pharmaceutical field
Author: Coronel León, Jonathan
Manresa Presas, Ma. Ángeles (María Ángeles)
Marqués Villavecchia, Ana M.
Keywords: Agents tensioactius
Surface active agents
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Research Signpost
Abstract: Lipopeptides such as lichenysin are biosurfactants of great interest, due to the demand for natural surface-active agents with low toxicity. Bacillus licheniformis AL 1.1 produces a lipopeptide characterized as lichenysin (LchAL1.1), which acts as a powerful surfactant, able to reduce surface tension to 28.5 mN m-1 and with a critical micelle concentration of 15 mg L-1. LchAL1.1 is particularly effective in preventing biofilm formation by pathogenic strains, has an emulsifying capacity and permeabilizes membranes by a colloid-osmotic process. The production of lipopeptides from agro-industrial residues, particularly molasses, is a sustainable process of great potential for the development of economic bioprocesses.
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It is part of: Recent Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences VI, 2016, Research Signpost. Editors: Diego Muñoz Torrero, Àngela Domínguez García & Ma. Ángeles Manresa Presas. ISBN: 978-81-308-0566-5. Chapter 9, p. 147-163.
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