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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Feb-2017Determination of mercury and antimony in environmental and food matrices: development of analytical methodology and migration studiesCarneado Moreno, Sergio
7-Apr-2017Simultaneous etherification of C4 and C5 iso-olefins with ethanol over acidic ion-exchange resins for greener fuelsSoto López, Rodrigo
8-Jun-2017Assessing the degradation and transformation of emerging pollutants submitted to TiO2 photocatalysis by high-resolution mass spectrometry techniques. Are we posing a new hazard to the environment?Jimenez Villarin, Javier
3-Jul-2017Explaining and reducing variability of distribution coefficients of radionuclides in soils: improvement of input data for radiological assessmentsRamírez Guinart, Josep Oriol
26-May-2017Desenvolupament de vies de valorització per a un residu industrialReynaldos i Sistané, Ricard
25-Apr-2017Noves propostes per a l’anàlisi de medicaments d’ús veterinari i de toxines marines en aliments destinats al consum humàRúbies Prat, Antoni
22-Jun-2017Synthesis and performance of heterogeneous catalysts for Fenton-like and photo-Fenton-like reactions at circumneutral pHCruz Gonzalo, Angel
10-Mar-2017Ozonation of Municipal Wastewater for Water ReuseMarcé Escalé, Mireia
17-Jul-2017Transformació i metabolisme de fàrmacs al medi aquàtic mitjançant l’espectrometria de masses d'alta resolucióAceña i Sánchez, Jaume
8-Sep-2017Desarrollo de metodologías analíticas para la separación, detección y caracterización de biomarcadores glicoproteicos en muestras biológicasBarroso Ramos, Albert