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19-Apr-2016Cognitive performance and psychosocial functioning in patients with bipolar disorder, unaffected siblings, and healthy controlsVasconcelos-Moreno, Mirela P.; Bücker, Joana; Bürke, Kelen P.; Czepielewski, Leticia; Santos, Barbara T.; Fijtman, Adam; Passos, Ives C.; Kunz, Mauricio; Bonnín, Caterina del Mar; Vieta i Pascual, Eduard, 1963-; Kapczinski, Flávio; Rosa, Adriane Ribeiro; Kauer-Sant'Anna, Marcia
16-May-2016Management of bipolar disorder in the intercontinental region: an international, multicenter, non-interventional, cross-sectional study in real-life conditionsSamalin, Ludovic; Vieta i Pascual, Eduard, 1963-; Okasha, Tarek Ahmed; Uddin, MM. Jalal; Ahmadi Abhari, Seyed Ali; Nacef, Fethi; Aizenberg, Dovi; Ratner, Yaël; Melas Melt, Lydie; Sedeki, Idir; Llorca, Pierre Michel; Mishyiev, Vyacheslav
4-Apr-2017Rationale and design of the PLACID study: a randomised trial comparing the efficacy and safety of inhaled loxapine versus IM aripiprazole in acutely agitated patients with schizophrenia or bipolar disorderSan, Luis; Estrada, G.; Oudovenko, N.; Vieta i Pascual, Eduard, 1963-
Jan-2014Is bipolar disorder an endocrine condition? Glucose abnormalities in bipolar disorderGarcía-Rizo, Clemente Carlos; Kirkpatrick, Brian; Fernández-Egea, Emilio; Oliveira, Cristina; Meseguer, A.; Grande i Fullana, Iria; Undurraga Fourcade, Juan Pablo; Vieta i Pascual, Eduard, 1963-; Bernardo Arroyo, Miquel
1-Aug-2017The relationship between genetic risk variants with brain structure and function in bipolar disorder: A systematic review of genetic-neuroimaging studiesPereira, Licia P.; Köhler, Cristiano A.; Sousa, Rafael T.; Solmi, Marco; Freitas, Bárbara P. de; Fornaro, Michele; Machado-Vieira, Rodrigo; Miskowiak, Kamilla W.; Vieta i Pascual, Eduard, 1963-; Veronese, Nicola; Stubbs, Brendon; Carvalho, André F.
15-Mar-2018Is recurrence in major depressive disorder related to bipolarity and mixed features? Results from the BRIDGE-II-Mix studyMazzarini, Lorenzo; Kotzalidis, Georgios D.; Piacentino, Daria; Rizzato, Salvatore; Angst, Jules; Azorin, Jean-Michel; Bowden, Charles L.; Mosolov, Sergey; Young, Allan H.; Vieta i Pascual, Eduard, 1963-; Girardi, Paolo; Perugi, Giulio; BRIDGE-II-Mix Study Group
Dec-2018OpenSIMPLe: A real-world implementation feasibility study of a smartphone-based psychoeducation programme for bipolar disorderHidalgo-Mazzei, Diego; Reinares, Maria; Mateu, Ainoa; Nikolova, Viktoriya L.; Bonnín, Caterina del Mar; Samalin, Ludovic; García Estela, Aitana; Pérez Solá, Víctor; Young, Allan H.; Strejilevich, Sergio; Vieta i Pascual, Eduard, 1963-; Colom, Francesc
Jan-2018Food addiction: Prevalence, psychopathological correlates and associations with quality of life in a large sampleNunes-Neto, Paulo R.; Köhler, Cristiano A.; Schuch, Felipe B.; Solmi, Marco; Quevedo, João; Maes, Michael; Murru, Andrea; Vieta i Pascual, Eduard, 1963-; McIntyre, Roger S.; McElroy, Susan L.; Gearhardt, Ashley N.; Stubbs, Brendon; Carvalho, André F.
1-Jan-2018The effectiveness of adjunct mindfulness-based intervention in treatment of bipolar disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysisChu, Che Sheng; Stubbs, Brendon; Chen, Tien-Yu; Tang, Chia-Hung; Li, Dian-Jeng; Yang, Wei Cheng; Wu, Ching Kuan; Carvalho, André F.; Vieta i Pascual, Eduard, 1963-; Miklowitz, David J.; Tseng, Ping Tao; Lin, Pao Yen
Sep-2017Obesity in patients with major depression is related to bipolarity and mixed features: evidence from the BRIDGE-II-Mix studyPetri, Eleonora; Bacci, Olivia; Barbuti, Margherita; Pacchiarotti, Isabella; Azorin, Jean-Michel; Angst, Jules; Bowden, Charles L.; Mosolov, Sergey; Vieta i Pascual, Eduard, 1963-; Young, Allan H.; Perugi, Giulio