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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Aug-2014Circulating progenitor cells and vascular dysfunction in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.Pizarro, Sandra; García-Lucio, Jéssica; Peinado, Víctor Ivo; Tura-Ceide, Olga; Díez, Marta; Blanco Vich, Isabel; Sitges Carreño, Marta; Petriz, Jordi; Torralba, Yolanda; Marín, Pedro; Roca Torrent, Josep; Barberà i Mir, Joan Albert
9-Aug-2014A systems biology approach reveals a link between systemic cytokines and skeletal muscle energy metabolism in a rodent smoking model and human COPDDavidsen, Peter K.; Herbert, John M.; Antczak, Philipp; Clarke, Kim; Ferrer, Elisabet; Peinado, Víctor Ivo; Gonzalez, Constancio; Roca Torrent, Josep; Egginton, Stuart; Barberà i Mir, Joan Albert; Falciani, Francesco
28-Nov-2014Synergy-COPD: a systems approach for understanding and managing chronic diseases.Gomez Cabrero, David; Lluch Ariet, Magí; Tegnér, Jesper; Cascante i Serratosa, Marta; Miralles, Felip; Roca Torrent, Josep
2-Jun-2016Protocol for regional implementation of collaborative lung function testingVargas, Claudia; Burgos, Felip; Cano Franco, Isaac; Blanco Vich, Isabel; Caminal, Pere; Escarrabill Sanglas, Joan; Gallego, Carles; Llauger, M. Antonia; Miralles, Felip; Solans, Oscar; Vallverdú, Montserrat; Velickovski, Filip; Roca Torrent, Josep
20-Feb-2018Network modules uncover mechanisms of skeletal muscle dysfunction in COPD patientsTényi, Ákos; Cano Franco, Isaac; Marabita, Francesco; Kiani, Narsis; Kalko, Susana; Barreiro, Esther; Atauri Carulla, Ramón de; Cascante i Serratosa, Marta; Gomez Cabrero, David; Roca Torrent, Josep
13-Jun-2018Risk and temporal order of disease diagnosis of comorbidities in patients with COPD: a population health perspectiveTényi, Ákos; Vela, Emili; Cano Franco, Isaac; Cleries, Montserrat; Monterde Prat, David; Gomez Cabrero, David; Roca Torrent, Josep
22-Nov-2016From comorbidities of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to identification of shared molecular mechanisms by data integrationGomez Cabrero, David; Menche, Jörg; Vargas, Claudia; Cano Franco, Isaac; Maier, Dieter; Barabási, Albert László; Tegnér, Jesper; Roca Torrent, Josep; Synergy‐COPD consortium
28-Nov-2014Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease heterogeneity: challenges for health risk assessment, stratification and managementRoca Torrent, Josep; Vargas, Claudia; Cano Franco, Isaac; Selivanov, Vitaly A.; Barreiro, Esther; Maier, Dieter; Falciani, Francesco; Wagner, P. D. (Peter D.); Cascante i Serratosa, Marta; García Aymerich, Judith; Kalko, Susana; Marín de Mas, Igor Bartolomé; Tegnér, Jesper; Escarrabill Sanglas, Joan; Agustí García-Navarro, Àlvar; Gomez Cabrero, David; Synergy‐COPD consortium
28-Nov-2014Predictive medicine: outcomes, challenges and opportunities in the Synergy-COPD projectMiralles, Felip; Gomez Cabrero, David; Lluch Ariet, Magí; Tegnér, Jesper; Cascante i Serratosa, Marta; Roca Torrent, Josep; Synergy‐COPD consortium
28-Nov-2014The COPD Knowledge Base: enabling data analysis and computational simulation in translational COPD researchCano Franco, Isaac; Tényi, Ákos; Schueller, Christine; Wolff, Martin; Huertas Migueláñez, M. Mercedes; Gomez Cabrero, David; Antczak, Philipp; Roca Torrent, Josep; Cascante i Serratosa, Marta; Falciani, Francesco; Maier, Dieter